1.  As well as having the very best in breed eLearning on the market, our achievements have been recognised by numerous national and international awards

2.  Dulann operate in an industry whose services are required by law!

3.  We offer a disruptive business model to an established training industry meaning that we can do things better, faster and cheaper for our clients.

4.  Dulann are an indigenous Irish business, founded in 2013 and with clients in all sectors and in all corners of the country.

5.  We are a full service provider who provide not just eLearning courses but also Learning Management Systems.

6.  We used advanced technology to ensure that our courses are not just customisable for our corporate clients but are also available on all hardware including iPads.

7.  To develop best in breed eLearning, the barriers to entry are very high for new entrants.

8.  Rather than just provide training or software, we have a unique outlook that focuses on business solutions for our clients.


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